This week’s word is SPERGOLA.

This vine will accompany us throughout the month of May, and you can discover part of our TERRITORY.
The history of SPERGOLA, a local (or indigenous, in wine jargon) grape variety, almost forgotten, was then rediscovered by our producers, only recently.
The name Spergola derives from the morphological characteristics of the grape in that the cluster is “spargolo,” that is, thinned out.
It finds its natural vocation territory in the foothills of Reggio Emilia, between the Enza River to the west and the Secchia River to the east, between the high plains and the nearby hills.
A wine with ancient connotations but the strength and value of a youngster, with proud local IDENTITY and with a decisive and fascinating character, slight aromaticity, freshness, good acidity and slight savoriness.
It will be nice to take this journey together, in our area, through the protagonists of our cuisine.



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