Osteria della Capra, an Amodo restaurant

It is now official, the Osteria della Capra restaurant is the first restaurant in Modena, Reggio Emilia and the provinces to be included in the “Amodo” restaurant circuit. An important milestone for the Osteria della Capra family, which has always…

At the Osteria della Capra Restaurant… Safer than at home!

Osteria della Capra Restaurant has equipped itself with innovative air purification devices using cold plasma technology capable of eliminating viruses, bacteria and pollutants.Demonstrated antiviral efficacy against CoV-2 with reduction of the viral load equal to 99.99%.An unwavering commitment to the…

Osteria della Capra Restaurant is all female!

Osteriadella Capra Restaurantis all-female: it is supported by women, by their strength. We repudiate all forms of violence, and we believe in absolute gender equality. Beyond violence, it is important to eliminate all gender differences: we believe in equality and…



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