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Stuffed rabbit…

Rabbit stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, sausage and pistachio cream on a bed of raw spinach and crispy culaccia. A different way to enjoy a meat that peasant tradition preserves among its simple riches. One of the dishes that can be…

Noodle cake!

TAGLIATELLE CAKE…the one grandma used to make us for the holidays! Traditional, made in Goat… simple, wholesome ingredients to savor that taste that makes us children again!


Verzini simple but tasty dish that has its origins in peasant culture even though there are historical nods and geographical localizations in multiple places around the world! Interculturaldish strongly resemblesthe Torah scrolls

Tricolor Festival!

Today to commemorate the 222nd anniversary of the birth of the First Tricolor, which was born in Reggio Emilia on January 7, 1797, we want to be there too! And using genuine products from our Emilia region, here is Goat’s…


One of the most famous traditions of our land: Pasta! Eggy, made… in Goat, like in the old days, like in grandma’s house. Traditional with egg, they become more whimsical with lambrusco ristretto, or tomato or spinach. Casarecce and campagnole,…



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