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Our history


Ours is a simple family story. It is a love story for tradition, it is a love story between work and passion. We started our journey without knowing where we would end up, but we had for companions the love of cooking, for genuine dishes, for traditions to be made known and handed down!

The flavors “of the past” to bring to the table, the recipes of our tradition to rediscover and propose, interpret and offer.

We have always lived work in the family, raised our children, grandchildren, we really didn’t imagine that we would start traveling again among flavors and aromas because the eldest daughter would start walking on the front lines again with us.

Agata, Angela and Romana: now the three of us leave again with even more desire, almost with the idea of a world of flavors to conquer and offer.

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Daily gestures


In our welcoming and informal environment, attention and care are directed to all areas of our work. We entrust Angela with the choice of the most genuine ingredients, Romana with the careful selection of wines and then the graphics, social media, tablecloths, customer relations with Agata, always ready to talk to you!

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The kitchen


The cuisine of the Osteria della Capra restaurant is a tribute to the deepest culinary traditions of Emilia. The restaurant, thanks to the great passion and experience of the cook Angela, now shared with Alfonso and Romana, offers many dishes prepared with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, which refer to the most ancient recipes, revisited with a touch of modernity to be even more genuine.

Our family


THANKS TO YOU for sharing with us the pleasure of a table laden with history, flavour, products of our land, love and inventiveness.​



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