Month March 2020


For many we have been COOL, for others brave…every dream requires strength, DETERMINATION and courage! The second word this week is COURAGE! Courage is a garment. It is not enough to have it when you start an adventure. You must…


Although it seems paradoxical, just when we are closed, we want to tell you how STRONG we feel our dream! Despite the fears of these days and the darker horizon … he remains ALIVE! The first word this week is…


#IORESTOACASA – WE CLOSE ALL DAY – We will keep in touch via social… But NOW we must all REMAIN HOME! Given the increasingly critical situation Osteria della Capra voluntarily CLOSES all day. #STOP ITTOGETHER

We are CLOSED in the evening!

We are CLOSED in the evening. It is not easy but it is our DUTY. We owe it to you, to our country, to us. It is not just “obedience,” it is a civic duty, respect for the institutions, Of…



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