Osteria della Capra, an Amodo restaurant

It is now official, the Osteria della Capra restaurant is the first restaurant in Modena, Reggio Emilia and the provinces to be included in the “Amodo” restaurant circuit.
An important milestone for the Osteria della Capra family, which has always proudly carried on the food and wine tradition of the area.

The project

Amodo is a network of ethnic restaurants, the result of a project born in March 2022, following the difficult period experienced by the restaurant world in the previous two years.
Everything was brought to life by the editorial staff of the sala&cucina magazine, which wanted to identify all those establishments that deal with each service with sincerity and respect for the customer. Valuing these restaurateurs means paying attention to the ethics of their work, confirming their principles by signing a detailed handbook of rules.

The decalogue

As anticipated, to join the project and become part of the group of Amodo venues, the Osteria della Capra Restaurant has signed the handbook that encompasses the values underlying the idea of an ethical restaurant, identified by experts as criteria for choosing potential future clients.

It is precisely the end customer who is entrusted with the final judgment, since these are self-certified guarantees and qualities that the subscriber undertakes to maintain.
Among all, words such as sustainability, respect, digitization, local productions, storytelling and dignity stand out, ingredients which, when mixed, bring to light the true essence of the idea of the sala&cucina magazine.

In detail, the rules contained in the Amodo decalogue refer to the various aspects of the restaurant business and take into consideration the relationship of the restaurant with its employees and suppliers, the processing of raw materials and their seasonality, the care of the local, the digitization of processes and the sustainability of the entire commercial approach.

The words of the Director Luigi Franchi

The Osteria della Capra restaurant had the pleasure of hosting Luigi Franchi, director in charge of dining room & kitchen.
At the end of the dinner, after meeting Agata, Angela and Romana, Franchi described the experience:

“A story of women, like few others. A simple story, a love story defined by Agata, Angela and Romana, but there were stories like this.
This is the classic case where the word simplicity in the mouth of the cooks and, in this case, the cooks it seems that everything is easy so it is not.

Achieving simplicity in the kitchen is often more difficult and complicated than making a very modern and creative dish.
Because simplicity implies memory, great practical competence, not standing still while respecting the canons of tradition.

Well Agata, Angela and Romana, daughter, mother and aunt love their tavern restaurant, they want it “safer than at home”, they write on their site and, for this reason,
lThe structure is equipped with innovative air purification devices that use cold plasma technology capable of eliminating viruses, bacteria and pollutants.

Demonstrated antiviral efficacy against CoV-2 with reduction of the viral load equal to 99.99%.
In the kitchen there is an Emilian air, in the dining room the language of the most sincere and honest hospitality is spoken. The osteria della capra can only be ethical: the people and the history speak for themselves!”.

A pleasant meeting

Over time, the Osteria della Capra restaurant has welcomed different people and stories. Among these also that of Giovanni Ricci, son of Domenico Ricci, man of Aldo Moro’s escort, killed on March 16, 1978 in the ambush in via Fani in Rome.

Involved and transported by the atmosphere that reigns at the Osteria della Capra restaurant, Giovanni Ricci also wanted to leave a message full of meaning:

“To the friends of the Osteria della Capra,
for the kindness, the courtesy and the incredible sense of Memory!
Because only by knowing the way to the treasure of memories written in our hearts and minds, we will be able to remember those who gave their lives for Democracy leaving us free to live a normal world!!! Thank you with all my heart!”

These are just some of the precious testimonies that highlight the great work done by everyone at the Osteria della Capra restaurant, which with commitment and dedication carries forward the true values of catering, deep roots that make the Osteria della Capra a “nice” restaurant .

le-parole-di-stima-di-Giovanni-Ricci-225x300 Osteria della Capra, an Amodo restaurant

The Osteria della Capra restaurant and Giovanni Ricci’s words of esteem



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